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Mercedes Benz crushed: Tank driven by Arnold Schwarzenegger


An old Mercedes Benz station wagon, was flattened recently by the Terminator. Arnie, as people call him, showed how to iron a Mercedes using a tank, at a promotional event in California recently.

Mercedes Benz crushed Tank driven by Arnold Schwarzenegger (1)Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in a movie “The Last Stand”, his first movie in over a decade and his tank which also stars alongside him in the movie is of great value for the California governor and action movie icon. The M47 Patton tank was purchased by Schwarzenegger in 1992 and was intended for use at his Planet Hollywood restaurant in LA.

Those plans did not come into effect and now the tank is housed at Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio just outside of Los Angeles, where the Mercedes Benz crushing promotional event took place on Friday January 4 as part of a shoot for the upcoming movie where it is seen crushing a Mercedes Benz beneath its mighty structure.

M47 Patton tank is a 50 ton tank which was made between 1951 and 1953. It is named after General George S Patton and is currently used by Schwarzenegger for charity events for underprivileged children and was the very same tank that he drove in the Austrian Army as a teenager. “The Last Stand” opens on January 18 and co-stars Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Rodrigo Santoro, and Jaimie Alexander.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes A Car With His Tank


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