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Mercedes Benz Customer Shares Frustrating Experience With Service And Legal System

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In a perfect example of “justice delayed is justice denied”, man fights 8+ years without succour

When you bring home a premium SUV from a prestigious automaker, you expect the best of after sales services. For most customers, this is exactly what they get. But there may be specific cases where things may not work as per your expectations. This is exactly what happened to Debabrat Mishra, a Mercedes-Benz India customer, who has been fighting a court case since 2013.

The story in short

Debabrat has shared the details of his experience and court case on his twitter handle. The story dates back to 2012 when the SUV was leased under the Mercedes Star Lease program.

Under that scheme, Debabrat was told that he would get the option to upgrade to the latest model every three years. Everything turned out fine for few months. The problem started after the SUV was sent for a particular service.

When it came back from service, the SUV had a big dent on the tailgate. No problems again, as the SUV was sent for repairs and a standby C Series car provided to Debabrat. Mysteriously, Debabrat claims that this cycle continued for around two years.

When he finally got back the GL350, it was found with a big gash in the headrest. This time the repair was not possible, as replacement part was not available. Meanwhile, the expenses added up for Debabrat, including the lease rental. He refused to pay till the time the repairs were completed. After three months, Daimler Finance sent a legal notice. This prompted Debabrat to file a case in National Consumer Forum in 2013.

No hearings in eight years

Since the case started, Debabrat has been experiencing setbacks, one after another. To start with, not a single hearing has been conducted till date. His leased SUV was forcibly repossessed and auctioned to another buyer.

Furthermore, Debabrat was reported as a defaulter to CIBIL. As a result, he can no longer apply for new loans. Debabrat states that Daimler Finance, Mercedes Benz and the dealer have earned almost twice the cost of the SUV. Debabrat says that he has also been warned about posting his experience on social media platforms.

Despite the disappointments and financial loss over the last eight years, Debabrat says that he will continue to fight till he gets justice. The next hearing is in September 2021. We hope this does not stretch any further, as such things can be very frustrating and emotionally overwhelming. It would be better if a middle ground can be reached, which would be reasonable and acceptable to both parties.

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