Mercedes-Benz dealerships lure Pokemon Go players into showrooms

Undoubtedly, Pokemon Go is the hottest topic world over. The augmented reality smartphone game is making the internet generation walk nothing before and Mercedes-Benz certainly knows how to take full advantage of the craze.

The automaker has distributed a detailed manual for its dealership employees to get acquainted with the gaming so that they can make players visit the showrooms.

Pokemon Go Mercedes Benz (1)
The game has gone viral across the globe including India.

The lure modules near Pokestops which will attract Pokemon creatures would be used by Mercedes dealerships to lure the players who are looking to catch a rare Pokemon. The dealerships can use this tactic to gather people at its showrooms or local events. The lure mode will be active for 30 minutes before it needs to be activated once again.

It’s only a matter of time before other global brand’s (not just automotive) start using Pokemon Go as an effective tool to increase footfalls into their outlets. The smartphone game is based on the immensely popular Pokemon cartoon series and is available in several nations across the world.

Pokemon Go Mercedes Benz (2)
The game can be a great tool for brands to increase the footfall at their outlets.

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India being a huge smartphone market, the Pokemon Go fever has already spread widely though the official launch is some time away. We have to give it to Mercedes-Benz’s marketing team for reacting quickly and taking advantage of a global phenomenon. If you are a car enthusiast and Pokemon Go player, wouldn’t it be a double treat to catch a Gyrador or Ditto which is sitting on that swanky green AMG-GT R?

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