Mercedes Benz drivers are most satisfied: J D Power and Associates

The latest survey conducted by J D Power Studies on driver satisfaction was undertaken by market research company J D Power and Associates. It is their contention that Mercedes Benz A Class, C Class and E Class were winners while their drivers and customers were the most satisfied. No other brand has such a band of satisfied customers as is seen within the Mercedes Benz fraternity. Besides this, Mercedes Benz has also been voted as the strongest brand in ADAC AutoMarx X study.

The study which was conducted by J D Power and Associates took into consideration driver’s satisfaction based on service, ownership costs, car appeal and satisfaction with the vehicle’s safety features before arriving at their final decision. Mercedes Benz contended with top auto brands and emerged winners from a total of 79 models taken from 25 auto manufacturers.

It is the company’s endeavor to continue with offering vehicles of the highest possible standards where quality, service and ecology was concerned. Mercedes Benz also performs best where CO2 emissions are concerned.

ADAC has been conducting AutoMarxX assessments in the auto sector since 2001 and bases its study on market strength, customer satisfaction, product strength and safety features offered by the company to their customers.

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J.D. Power Study 2012: Mercedes-Benz drivers are the most satisfied

Stuttgart – Four first places for Mercedes-Benz: this is the result of the latest survey on driver satisfaction conducted by world renowned market research company J.D. Power and Associates. Vehicles emerging as clear winners in their categories include the A-Class, C-Class and the E-Class. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also took overall first place in the study among all brands. As a result, no other brand has customers which are as satisfied as those of Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz has also been voted the strongest brand in the ADAC AutoMarxX study.

The owner of a car is best placed to know its strengths and weaknesses. This realisation is what forms the basis for the J.D. Power 2012 Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSSSM). As part of the study, some 14,296 drivers in Germany responded to an online survey to assess the quality and reliability of their cars, all of which had been driven for around two years. In addition to awarding marks for service and ownership costs, drivers also assessed how appealing they considered their cars to be. Based on the responses received, the market researchers drew up comprehensive lists of those vehicles achieving best satisfaction, comprising 79 models from 25 manufacturers in eight categories. In four of these categories Mercedes-Benz has taken first place:

in the ranking “Overall VOSS – Brands”, Mercedes-Benz fought off competition from all brands to emerge victorious overall

the A-Class scored top marks for satisfaction in the Compact Class

in the Midsize Premium category, the C-Class secured first place in the satisfaction assessment – for the third time in succession

the E-Class left all other competitors in its wake when it came to customer satisfaction in the Executive Luxury Car category – just as in the previous year

According to Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Member of the Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We are delighted that we have once again been able to secure the top places in the J.D. Power Study 2012. Our aim in the future is to continue to set the highest of standards, not only in terms of quality, service, and ecology, but of course also with our exciting designs, inspirational technology and high levels of driving pleasure. As a result we hope that the Mercedes-Benz brand will continue to be extremely well received by our customers.”

The J.D. Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study undertaken by the global market research company J.D. Power, based in Los Angeles, is seen as an important guide for buyers.

Currently the strongest automotive brand in Germany

Mercedes-Benz has also succeeded in securing first place in the latest ADAC AutoMarxX study, currently emerging as Germany’s strongest automotive brand. Mercedes-Benz impressed with the availability of its innovative active and passive safety features across the entire model range. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also performs best when it comes to CO2 emissions across its entire model range.

The ADAC has been conducting the AutoMarxX study to assess the performance and market strengths of Germany’s main automotive manufacturers since 2001. It is based on a number of individual categories, including brand image, market strength, customer satisfaction, product strength, environmental performance and safety levels.