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Mercedes Benz Driving Events: Germany to India, 17,000 kms road trip, again

Mercedes Benz Offroad, the completely owned organization of Mercedes Benz, has one of the most interesting job profile in the world. Their job description is to show good a car is a Mercedes Benz, to their owners. In doing so, they travel around the world, or at the most exotic locations, in the appropriate Mercedes Benz car.

Till date, Mercedes Benz Offroad has successfully completed many events, be it driving Mercedes Benz performance cars around a race track, or driving their AMG’s around in snows of Austria or sands of Dubai, or traveling half way around the globe.

Just like last year, Mercedes Benz Offroad has successfully completed their 17,000 kms Journey to the Roof of the World. For this journey, they used their tried and tested, G Class. A total of 15 G-Wagens had taken part last year, while this year, the journey was completed by 13 G-Wagens. 2012 Mercedes Benz Journey to the Roof of the World started from Germany in September this year.

By the seventh day, the caravan of 13 G-Classes were about to cross the Ural mountains to Asia. By the 13th day, the caravan had already covered over 6,000 kms and had crossed the Chinese border. They were now on their way to the Himalayas. On the 22nd day of their journey to the roof of the world, the 13 G Classes had arrived in Tibet.

Day 31 – From Lhasa to the Mount Everest and then to Katmandu: After reaching the first mountain pass situated at over 5000 metres, the team of 13 Mercedes-Benz G-Classes finally arrived in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains.

Day 46 – This is it: After 6 weeks and more than 17.000 kilometres on the road, the 13 Mercedes-Benz G-Classes have reached India and are now being shipped back to Germany for next year’s offroad-adventures.

Last year, we had a chance to meet Mr Martin Breuninger, the man behind Mercedes Benz Offroad. Just after they arrived, Mercedes Benz India arranged a meeting where journalists were able to ask questions on their travel, cars, expense, route, and more.

For next year, Mercedes Benz Offroad has planned drive experiences in the Arctic Circle, Ireland, Namibia, South America, Tunisia & Sahara, along with Journey to the Roof of the World. While a trip to Spain has been planned for 2014. For more information on Mercedes Benz Offroad Calendar 2012-13, click here.


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