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Mercedes Benz highest December global sales to date in 2012

Mercedes Benz has recorded their highest December global sales to date in 2012. For the year, they have sold 1,423,835 vehicles whereas Audi has sold 1,455,100 cars.

Mercedes Benz is elated at their sales figures during the past year. Sales during the period January to December 2012 were noteworthy despite current economic conditions prevailing over international markets. New models launched during the year were also well received while all this has resulted in the company exceeding previous year’s sales records.

Increased sales were noted in markets of US, China and Japan while there was increased demand for their new models launched during the year. During the past year sales reached 1,423,835 units of brands such as Mercedes Benz, Smart and Maybach far exceeding previous year’s sales by 4.5% or 60,901 units. B Class was particularly well received while the A Class to proved to be popular. The company now looks ahead with launch of the new S Class, E Class and CLA during the current year.

Sales in 2012 were noteworthy on South Korea and Australia where sales increased by 6.5% and 5.4% respectively. Sales in Russia were also at their best while sale in Japan saw dynamic growth with 40,488 units sold resulting in a 24.9% increase over last year’s figures.


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