Mercedes Benz India 2013 car launches, Star lease, Drive, and motorsports

Mercedes-Benz-Young-Star-Driving-Program-introduced-in-IndiaIn a bid to attract future customers and perk up sales, Mercedes Benz is offering customers innovative and novel buying experiences. Be it a drive to the Arctic Circle or a world tour in the new Mercedes Benz G Class SUV, the auto makers have it all planned to increase sales and attract more buyers into showrooms.

The German automakers are also offering attractive finance schemes and lower maintenance payment options to reach the same goals. The company is also concentrating on building its product line up for the current year which will include the new A Class which is set to launch by mid 2013 which will be quickly followed by the new B Class diesel variant and GL SUV, and the CLA after that.

Besides bringing out interesting offers, the company is also concentrating on optimizing cost of ownership. Mercedes Benz does not come out with discount schemes and is hence introducing other innovative forms such as Star Lease. This is a means by which customers can now resort to fixed monthly amounts as against one time lump sum payments. Special service packages are other attractions which have been introduced in the form of maintenance contracts keeping running costs in strict check while vehicles come in with a three year warranty extendable for a further period of 12 months under Star Care program.

Racing enthusiasts above the age of 25 will be provided with an in-depth understanding of their SUVs. The Star off road SUV experience will come at a cost of Rs 20,000 which will be conducted at Mercedes Benz plant in India wherein a special off road test track has been created to test participants off roading skills. There is also a world tour option wherein participants can go on a 46 day road trip from Poland and across various countries enroute before heading to India.