Mercedes Benz India opens new showroom with 26 car display

Picture 2This showroom, also marks T&T Motors’ 15th anniversary as Mercedes-Benz dealer. Inaugurated by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, Ravi Talwar, Chairman, T&T Motors and Vidur Talwar, Managing Director, T&T Motors., this new showroom employs 90 sales personnel, which Mercedes Benz says, are committed, qualified and hand-picked.

Mercedes Benz India says that the new luxury car showroom of theirs, “is the largest luxury car dealership in the country by any luxury car manufacturer.” A similar statement had been made by BMW India in Nov 2012. So we looked back and realized that BMW indeed have the largest luxury car showroom in India. So why would Mercedes Benz India say that they have the largest showroom in India? To this, MB India says, theirs is the largest with 3S facility (Sales, Service and Spares) with 60,000 sq ft. space, while BMW India’s Deutche Moteren Faridabad, which has 130,000 sq ft. space, falls in a different category, as theirs is with 4S facility (Sales, Service, Spares and Surveys / customer feedback).

At the new showroom, Mercedes Benz customers will get a chance to experience, Café-Mercedes, AMG range of Mercedes Benz cars, which are housed on a separate floor and a section, exclusively dedicated to Mercedes-Benz’s Pre-Owned car business, Proven Exclusivity.

Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India: “Mercedes-Benz’s driving force has been the quest for defining newer benchmarks for the luxury car segment in India, together with the commitment to create fascination and unparalleled levels of luxury for our discerning customers. The inauguration of the Flagship Store is a testimony to this fact. It personifies brand Mercedes. This Flagship Store is the largest luxury car showroom in India today, and underlines our passion and deep commitment in giving the ‘Best or Nothing’ experience to the customers.”

Mr. Ravi Talwar, Chairman, T&T Motors “The Flagship Store of Mercedes-Benz is a glowing tribute to our esteemed customers and to the long standing association of T&T Motors and Mercedes-Benz brand. It signifies the immense customer confidence that T&T Group enjoys built on the solid foundation of strong market understanding and customer goodwill, which we have created over the last two decades. From a small show window at Connaught Place to the largest luxury car showroom in India, T&T Motors’ journey with Mercedes-Benz India has been momentous and we are committed to the brand and to our customers in creating fascinating experiences going forward. For T&T Motors it is an honour to be associated with the prestigious Three Pointed Star and I am extremely delighted to present the Flagship Store to our auto aficionados in Delhi NCR.”

Photo Caption: At the inauguration of the largest Luxury Dealership in India by Mercedes-Benz in South Delhi, from left to right Mr. Eberhard Kern, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Rohan Talwar Executive Director, T&T Motors, Mr. Vidur Talwar, Managing Director, T&T Motors, Mr. Ravi Talwar, Chairman, T&T Motors