Mercedes Benz India price hike of upto 3% comes into effect from 14 Jan 2013

mercedes benz india new price list from jan 2013Mercedes Benz India revealed yesterday that they have been successful in achieving their sales target for the period of January – December 2012, with sales of 7,138 units. But, they are no longer the second largest car maker in the country, Mercedes Benz has now slipped back to the third place. For 2012, Audi India sold the most number of luxury cars, replacing BMW as the largest luxury car maker, who had held the top spot since 2009, when it replaced Mercedes Benz.

Apart from this, MB India also announced that they will be revising the prices of their cars. Due to rising costs, high interest rates and volatility of the rupee the brand will be levying a price hike on all of its models. This hike will result in a 1-3% increase in prices of cars.

Prices for CLS Class, SLK Class, SLS AMG, R, B Class and R class will be increased by 1%. C Class and E Class sedans will see a price increase of 1.5% while the M Class SUV and S Class sedan will see a 3% rise in prices which will be effective from 14th January 2013.

Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, “Rising inputs cost, volatility of the rupee-euro, high interest rates and other associated factors have put significant pressure on us. Consequently, we are forced to share a part of this burden with our customers and we will increase prices of our vehicles to the tune of 1-3% effective 14-January, 2013. However, to support the purchase decisions of our discerning customers, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will be supporting with various finance options.

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