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Mercedes Benz India registers 3.9% decline in sales for 2012


Mercedes Benz India posted a negative annual growth rate, -3.9%, for the first time since 2009. They have now been replaced by Audi as the 2nd largest luxury car maker.

Mercedes Benz India registers 3.9 percent decline in sales for 20122012 was a year laden with many worries for the Indian car market due to rising fuel prices and slow economic growth. Due to these factors most car buyers strayed away from buying new models. This decline in sales can be seen with the fact that Mercedes Benz ended 2012 by registering a negative sales growth, for the first time since 2009.

From Jan-Dec 2012, Mercedes Benz India posted sales of 7,138 luxury cars, which compared to their 2011 sales figures of 7,430 units, is a decline by 3.9%. Their rivals, BMW managed to post steady sales, while Audi seems like the torchbearer by registered a staggering growth rate of 63%. BMW sold 9,375 cars while Audi sold 9,003 cars in India.

Interestingly, Mercedes Benz had registered a 6.69% decline in sales for the period from April to November 2012 with sales of 4255 units. In order to turn the tide and regain its position as a top brand in India, Mercedes Benz will be introducing three new models namely the A class, New E class and GL Class in 2013. In order to remain competitive, the company also stated that it would be bringing in 13 new cars in the period till 2015-16. An exciting product line, new generation cars and a dense dealer network will ensure that Mercedes Benz stays well within grasp of the top position in India.

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