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Mercedes Benz India launches ‘Safe Roads’ CSR activity to promote road safety

Getting off to a flying start in Delhi, Safe Roads Initiative is a multi city initiative that will see road shows being conducted to educate the public on various road safety aspects. Road safety is being demonstrated through visual aids, demonstrations and research reports while drawing attention to the urgent need to curb road accidents which have been increasing at an alarming rate.

Mr. Eberhard Kern – Managing Director and CEO Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Manu Saale – Managing Director and CEO Mercedes Benz Research and Development India and Mr. Jochen Feese – Head of Accident Research, Sensor Functions and Pedestrian Protection Mercedes-Benz Cars in delhi at the launch of Safe Roads.

Safe Roads CSR Initiative is the Mercedes Benz initiative to bring about a change in attitudes and create road safety awareness and a new culture of road safety among the Indian people. The company has shown concern for the increased industrialization in the country and the rapid rate of growth where movement of cargo is concerned. To make roads safer, the company plans to educate road users on various technologies present that will play a major role in averting accidents. These technologies are not only present on passenger cars but the company has even introduced the same on their commercial vehicles.

Bharat Benz has incorporated a number of safety features such as ABS in its on board technologies while cabin comforts and safety is also stressed which plays a major role in enhanced safety and reducing the number of accidents.

The importance of safety belts, be it front or rear passenger.

Safe Roads is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity conducted by Mercedes Benz India in association with Apollo Hospital and IIT Delhi. Though it was launched in Delhi, such initiatives will be conducted across the country very soon.

Types of airbags in a car today.

The company brought in various aids from Germany to demonstrate road safety and spread the message. These included the Belt Slide exhibit wherein viewers could estimate the importance of using a seat belt and its prime importance in saving lives in the event of a crash. Various driver, passenger and curtain airbags were also on display as were ‘Body in White’ passenger car exhibit drawing attention to the need for a sturdy body with high tensile strength which allows the car to absorb the impact in the event of a crash.

The importance of stronger body shell.

Also on display were Alcohol Goggles. These are special glasses that stimulate ‘Walk in Line’ activity which causes loss of balance and delayed reaction time. This makes users aware of the dangers they put themselves and their passengers through while driving under the influence of alcohol. Mercedes Benz also has an Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) 2009 vehicle on display showcasing the notable safety features incorporated by Mercedes Benz in their vehicles which include Pre Safe, Braking Bag and Interactive Vehicle Communication among others.

What can we do to stop this?

Through this initiative, which was flagged off by Jochen Frees, Head of Accident Research, Sensor Functions and Pedestrian Protection at Mercedes Benz Cars, the company draws attention to the fact that road accidents can be reduced by over 70% in the next ten years through awareness, education and enforcement and adopting of various safety techniques.

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