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Mercedes-Benz logo, this time a symbol of peace in Thailand

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Supporters of the anti-violence, pro-elections white shirt group gathered for a peace protest this week. Their peaceful agenda and gathering lacked no enthusiasm, just one vital missing link in their logo.

The peace symbol for the day had been inadvertently replaced by Mercedes-Benz’ logo, and quite certainly no one in the gathering realised the difference at first.

Mercedes_Benz_logo_peace (1)The error seemed rectified just like that by the time candles were lit on the Mercedes-Benz-logo-thought-to-be-peace-symbol-initially. This isn’t the first group of individuals who’ve made the mistake.

A quick search online reveals a range of similar cases of mistaken identity between both signs. Give peace a chance has often found a German connection. At least here’s a company that needn’t worry about a paid advertisement company, when it seems embedded in the minds eye already. Picture Credit

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