Mercedes Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd to boost production to meet increased sales

Improved demand for luxury cars in Malaysia has make Mercedes Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd reschedule their production plans. The company has noticed a boost in demand and would be increasing its production to take on this extra burden.  They also plan on produce a locally made new model every year from 2012 onwards.
Mercedes Benz sold over 7000 vehicles during 2010, and this was the highest sales experienced by the German automaker since their foray into Malaysia 58 years ago. Mercedes Benz will also need to increase their staff at the Pekan plant by 10% from their present figure of 1000, according to sources. Sebastian Streuff, Vice President at the Pekan production plant said 21,000 + premium vehicles had had been rolled out of the plant assembly line since operations began in 2007.

Speaking of Mercedes Benz’ future plans, Mr. Roland. S Folger, President and CEO in Malaysia said that luxury cars have been receiving greater impetus in Malaysia.  A growth of 35% has been experienced since 2007.  People are more inclined towards high end luxury vehicles, and hence the company is planning and investing to meet this demand.

Mr. Roland. S Folger had this to say.”We also foresee that the market will continue to be strong.” “It gives us reassurance in what we are planning for, constructing and investing at the moment.” “Our first quarter result (April 2011) was the best first quarter performance since 2003.” “Since operations began, our production volume has increased significantly, calling for more automated functions within the line to meet the demand of customers.”As of September this year, we had already surpassed our total production volume of 2010 in having produced 4,177 units, compared to the 4,173 units for that full year.”