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Mercedes-Benz GLA, 300 SL roadster and Silver Arrow Mario karts

Mercedes-Benz Mario kart

Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo’s Wii U home console sees 3 Mercedes-Benz carts in action: a Silver Arrow of the 1930s, 300 SL Roadster from the 1950s, and modern day Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Mercedes-Benz Mario kartIn a first, this association sees real world cars in the game. From 27 August 2014, Mario Kart 8 fans can download all 3 kart cars, and lays the groundwork for “Mercedes Cup”, an online tournament where Mario Kart 8 players can test their skills against each other.

“Mercedes Cup” will see Mario Kart 8 fans compete against each other in races with Mercedes Karts. Access to “Mercedes Cup” can be found via the online tournament section in Mario Kart 8, and races end on 23 September 2014.

Mario Kart 8 developed by Nintendo appeared in Europe for the Wii U console on 30 May, 2014. Mario has been thrilling fans since August 1992. Mario Kart 8 includes sections where players can drive along walls using anti-gravity, and even upside-down. There’s 32 courses, 16 of which are completely new, and 16 are revised versions from earlier titles. On offline mode, up to 4 players can play the game, and through online play, up to 12 players can compete with one another.


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