Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive India is here before the thrill of A Good Day to Die Hard

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARDA Good Day to Die Hard will see a total of 14 Mercedes Benz vehicles and will be released on 14th February 2013. The company is excited about their strong presence in the film while they will also be supporting premiere screenings being held in London and Berlin. Special Mercedes Benz vehicles will also form part of the shuttle service being offered to actors and VIP guests.

The exclusive Mercedes Benz lineup starring in this film will be right from their C Class to the Zetros which will be seen in some high speed action across the streets of Moscow. These vehicles will live upto the company image of offering vehicles par excellence where safety, performance and outstanding design are concerned. The lineup will also include Unimog, Sprinter, Zetros and the Mercedes Benz G Class which are considered to be the company’s most indestructible vehicles.

Other models being showcased in the film will be the Vito, E Class Saloon and Maybach 57 along with G63 AMG and GL Class. If the excitement seems one screen too far away, Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive has now arrived in India, and you can watch it live here, and no, the country is no longer only a pit stop for such journeys.  Young Star Driving Programme from Mercedes Benz India will see drivers in the 15-25 age group train for a year or two with the  opportunity to shift to  F1 or DTM and sees approval from the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). The best of the lot will be eligible for SLS AMG GT3 training. Others can opt for the Star off road SUV experience. The latest development will see increased Mercedes Benz interaction here apart from furthering motorsports in the country.