Mercedes Benz to launch 12 completely new cars by 2020

Mercedes Benz plans to launch 12 completely new cars, which do not have a predecessorMercedes Benz posted outstanding global sales in the month of March 2014. Sales have been increasing by leaps and bounds since the start of this year and the month of March saw growth in double digits with highest monthly sales of 158,523 units.

At the meeting, Mercedes Benz announced to launch 12 completely new cars in the market. These cars will have no predecessors, and all of them will be launched by 2020. Apart from this Mercedes Benz also plans to introduce new mobility solutions and digitization under the ‘Mercedes Me’ concept. Under the ‘Mercedes Move Me’ concept, the company aspires to expand its leadership position where mobility services are concerned while concentrating on superior technology at competitive pricing.

Mercedes Benz has also been successful in their efforts to reduce fuel consumption and emission of its fleet in Europe by 25% over the past five years. The foray of Daimler into the Indian truck market has been noteworthy and it is in India that chassis from BharatBenz trucks are used to develop BharatBenz buses for the volume segment.

In India, Mercedes Benz has registered a 27.12% increase in sales during the first quarter of 2014. The company is optimistic about its performance in the Indian luxury market and plan as many as six new models. These new launches will include compact cars, a new sedan and an SUV while added distribution networks across the length and breadth of India are also planned. With new growth plans and new products in India, Mercedes Benz strives to once again capture its position as the top luxury car maker not only in India, but in the world.

Source The Hindu