Mercedes Benz presence at Berlin Brandenburg: Star Tower and airport service point for Merc drivers

The Mercedes Benz and Berlin Brandenburg association will certainly give passengers a clearer visual imaging of the German automaker. And this brings to focus Mercedes luxury cars at the new airport, with MB featuring prominently across it. Airport authorities mentioned ‘star tower’, with the icing on the cake being an eight-meter-wide Mercedes star sitting atop. The tower will be constructed on the route into the airport.

Mercedes Benz is also going to be featured on the 190-meter departure screen set to be amongst the largest globally. If you drive a Merc, services from the Airport Service Point will certainly appeal. There’s going to be a 24 hour valet parking service for Mercedes Benz cars, in addition to maintenance and valet service. This translates to travelers being able to drive home in a serviced and washed car anytime they land.

Mercedes Benz drivers need not reserve and will be able to drop off their vehicles at short notice, which takes care of airport parking problems. For prospective buyers, there’ll be a Mercedes Benz showroom that showcases 100 luxury cars next to the Berlin Brandenburg airport that will be operational from 3rd June 2012 onward.