Mercedes Benz S350 and BMW Z4 dodgems as father son duo ram cars

Mercedes Benz S350 BMW Z4Well, apparently a father and son duo thought that was a good way to get their message across to each other. The middle-aged Mercedes Benz S350 driver certainly looks like he’s minding the BMW Z4, and does pretty good job too. He simply won’t let the car get by. Having taken position at the pedestrian crossing he is in fact waiting for the red BMW Z4 to catch up. Upon seeing vehicle in front, the younger driver tries to sneak the car past the left, and from then on all hell breaks loose.

For the most part, it’s a battle of wheels, with both cars seemingly having locked wheels. The Merc does succeed in not letting the car get away, and the younger driver doesn’t seem to want to break traffic rules and break free either. In fact, if you look closely at both cctv footage ( front and rear), it’s evident both drivers try at all times to not bump into other vehicles, and are at low speed for most part of playing dodgem at the crossroad. They however deem it fit to keep bumping into each other.

Eventually, after the older man has had enough, he bangs into the Z4 in a bid to prevent the younger chap from getting away. At this point, upon seeing his father exits the car and come towards him, and the younger fellow jumps right out of the Beemer with a knapsack in tow and makes a run for it. It does appear the father has a belt in his hand, probably his choicest solution to reprimand the lad on the day. Good for the boy, that he ran as fast as he could. If we were to guess, the youngster took off with daddy’s car, and dad somehow got to know, and stopped the lad from going any further. Not once did either driver turn back to lament or cry over the state of their wheels, and eventually two tow trucks wheeled the precious sets of wheels to safety. Image source