Mercedes Benz driving events and 2012 winter training in Austria

Mercedes Benz Driving Events is coming up with a host of possibilities for special winter training in Austria. These activities gear participants to test their limits, explore the adventurous side of their natures and participate in some of the most sporty and sometimes critically dangerous situations requiring precision performance which is only possible with extensive training. Emergency braking, tackling sleet, snow and icy road situations and maneuvering vehicles over the most critical of road situations is what the event is all about thereby gearing drivers to handle any sort of situation which may come their way.

Taking to roads of Austria, Sweden and Finland in vehicles supplied by Mercedes Benz model range is what makes up Mercedes Benz Driving Schedule for winter this year. Starting with Basic Training skills and going on to more Advanced Training ensures participants are well versed with the dangers involved, safety measures to be adhered to and adept with quick reaction time when vehicles get out of control. Drivers are also trained in driver assistance systems before going on to the Perfection Training two day course where drivers are trained at Fahrtechnik Zentrum in Saalfelden, Austria along a 2.5 km handling course made of ice with spiked tyres so as to enable participants to keep car in permanent drifting.

Professional drivers participate in Professional Advanced Training in Austria as part of the Mercedes Benz program on ice tracks of Saalfelden while Professional Perfection Training is conducted in Sweden at speeds of 140 kmph where highly competent drivers compete on exclusive tracks sometimes in the dark to better enable them to be fully trained and capable beyond limits.

Auto press note: Mercedes-Benz Driving Events: Mastering snow and ice with the confidence of a pro

Black ice, emergency braking or sudden evasive manoeuvres on slippery surfaces – in critical situations in the winter it is crucial to keep a cool head and remain in full control of the vehicle. The winter training of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events prepares drivers specifically for such situations and practices intuitive, skilful reaction at the wheel.

With the confidence that comes from being in the hands of experienced instructors, the participants train and explore their personal limits in the breathtaking winter scenery of Austria, Sweden or Finland in vehicles supplied from the Mercedes-Benz model range.
The following is an overview of the various driving safety training and driving events making up the Mercedes-Benz Driving Event schedule for winter 2012/2013:

Basic Training Austria: on this one-day course held at the Austrian Fahrtechnik Zentrum (Road Testing Centre) in Saalfelden, participants take to specially prepared tracks to learn how to react when a vehicle gets into a spin and how to brake on ice-covered roads. The exercises include slaloming, braking during cornering, and under/oversteering; participants are also made familiar with driver assistance systems.

Advanced Training Austria: participants learn how to safely control their vehicle when faced with typical winter hazards through a series of exciting exercises such as slaloming, braking during cornering, or sudden lane changes. The drifting exercises convey an even greater sense of driving pleasure and dynamism. The two-day course also takes place at the Austrian Fahrtechnik Zentrum in Saalfelden.

Perfection Training Austria: on this two-day training course participants approach the physical limits of driving. They go through the different drills at higher speeds. Performing sudden lane changes or emergency braking during cornering is again designed to prepare the drivers for everyday hazards, such as when they encounter obstacles in the roadway or suddenly come upon the end of a tailback. Finally, driving enjoyment is the emphasis on the 2.5 km handling course made of ice: with spiked tyres the participants learn how to keep the car permanently drifting. Event venue: Fahrtechnik Zentrum in Saalfelden, Austria.

Sports Drift Training Austria: in the drift slalom, participants learn about the specific point at which the tail breaks away and develop a feel for grip and for vehicle oversteer and understeer. Exercises are also practised with spiked tyres. The one-day training event takes place at the Fahrtechnik Zentrum in Saalfelden, Austria.

Perfection Experience Sweden: this four-day, or in some cases five-day training course takes place in Lapland, 150 km south of the Arctic Circle. Exercises such as alternating loads through slaloming or maintaining a drift are covered, as is an analysis of driving style. On a track designed by Formula 1 race track architect Hermann Tilke, participants undergo a rally test. A snowmobile tour, aperitifs at the igloo ice bar as well as a ride as a passenger with a professional driver in the rally taxi round off the training perfectly.

Off-road training events: driving through winter in off-road vehicles
Basic Compact Training Austria:participants on this half-day course gain some initial off-road experience by tackling steep descents, driving at an angle and moving off and braking in off-road winter conditions. The training event takes place in a large quarry near Kitzbühel, with Mercedes-Benz providing off-road vehicles from the GLK, GL, M and G-Class.

Basic Training Austria: extreme slopes, driving at an angle on iced-up terrain and braking on ice-covered surfaces – this one-day training event at the quarry in Kitzbühel demands maximum performance from both driver and vehicle.

Advanced Experience Austria: a true off-road adventure at the quarry in Kitzbühel by day, and an excellent dinner at a-five star hotel by night. And on the next day it is off to the ski slopes with a personal guide, or a skin-treatment session at the hotel spa – this two-day event combines driving training with winter sports or wellness activities.

Finland Arctic Circle: six days packed full of highlights, driving pleasure and unforgettable off-road winter experiences await participants in the polar region. From the word go a winter driving training session takes place at the Arctic Driving Center, at which the instructors teach the finer points of driving in ice-covered terrain. Thereafter the vehicles head out onto snow-covered side roads through the winter landscape of Finland. The programme of events also includes snowmobile excursions as well as a dog-sled ride.

For professional drivers: mastering snow and ice
Professionals Advanced Training Austria: on the ice track in Saalfelden, professional drivers are presented with the ideal conditions for practicing the way to handle winter hazards. Emergency braking on road surfaces with patches of differing slipperiness, evasive manoeuvres to avoid hitting sudden obstacles, and regaining control of skidding vehicles on snow and ice are some of the training exercises in which participants simulate as realistically as possible the stress situations occurring in their everyday working lives. In addition, they can expect to be coached by police psychologists and special trainers using interesting occupation-specific theoretical content and exercises.

Professionals Perfection Training Sweden: at speeds of up to 140 km/h, professional drivers complete training modules on extensive tracks which have been specifically designed to meet their requirements. The modules also comprise exercises in the dark, for example. Trainers who normally work with police task force units or in the world of motorsport are on hand to impart their know-how in individual coaching sessions and also to pass on their latest knowledge in theory workshops. This training event lasts four days.