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Mercedes Benz to bring C, E and S class branding to SUVs?


It appears Mercedes Benz is changing names of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Crossovers in order to make their position in market clear. Current nomenclature does not help everyone understand without acquaintance, the segment each Merc SUV falls into.

Mercedes-GLA-SUVMost will be familiar with C, E and S class sedans, and how they are stacked up in terms of value, branding and capability. Mercedes Benz is changing SUVs’ names, giving similar A, C, E and S suffix for respective segment / price range offerings. The German carmaker has not confirmed the new practice but it is apparent.

New naming structure was given away by Mercedes Benz GLA SUV, which is related to A class. In 2014 Beijing Motor Show, Merc showcased GLC coupe concept, attempting to tie GLK with C class. It is clear that Mercedes Benz is renaming forthcoming second-generation GLK to GLC, which will be unveiled in 2015.

The company may also remove M class brand for new GLE badge, which would be seen in upcoming facelift version in 2015. Production version of GLC Coupe concept will also wear GLE moniker. Top of line GL SUV will be christened as GLS, making it clear that it is the S class equivalent of Mercedes Benz SUVs.

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