Mercedes Benz the preferred luxury wheels for auction, art, gift, stunt and drive

A 1959 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster belonging to Cheryl Crow will be auctioned by Gooding & Co. at Pebble Beach. The proceeds will be used to rebuild Joplin that recently dealt with a Tornado. The 1959 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster in question was restored in 2005, the year Cheryl Crow bought it. This ensures the car is fitted with a reconditioned Becker Mexico radio with speaker, and new suspension, and brakes. You’re looking at a new black leather interior, white hard top, whitewall tires, and a black soft top. The car could go for anywhere between $50,000 and $80,000 and will be sold without a reserve price.

Moving on, Pebble Beach will also see Dante display a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL sculpture between August 18th-21th. Dante chose Picasso’s Gullwing for his first sculpture of the Iconic Sports Car series. This is what he has to say, “My interpretation of Pablo Picasso’s own vehicle provides a fusion of art and classic automobile design capturing the essence of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing.” The car is still with Picasso’s family, and testifies that Mercedes Benz iconic vehicles have been favored by world famous owners.

Last week also saw NFL coach Ray Horton sell his Mercedes Benz SL-500 to cafeteria worker Maurice Matthews for $20. The 1999 Mercedes Benz SL-500 which has gone just 64,000 miles. No parting gift is too big is the message that this kind gesture endorses, and it strikes chord if the car in question is a Mercedes Benz.

While that gallant gesture got much appreciation, what didn’t go unnoticed is the mayor of Vilnius’s stunt on a camouflaged armored vehicle that went over a parked blue Mercedes in the cycle lane. Of course the Mercedes Benz in question was purchased secondhand for the stunt by mayor Arturas Zuokas. The one off event was devised by the same guys who are bringing you the Swedish television show “99 Things You Have To Do Before You Die.” Why they would choose a Mercedes Benz car to denote luxury cars doesn’t need to be elaborated.

Mercedes Benz also got some prime time coverage in Australia. The iconic G-Wagen known for its off-roading capabilities was picked, In fact, it was a fleet of 7 G-Wagen SUV’s that were to traverse 1,150 miles from Halls Creek in Western Australia to Wiluna in 14 days. The trip included the treacherous and adventurous Canning Stock Route, and 6 of their 7 strong G-Wagen SUV fleet had to deal with broken rear shock absorbers after a week of driving. The lone survivor that lived to tell a tale is a modified military spec vehicle known as the G-Professional. The demonstrative drive wasn’t halted and Mercedes Benz ensured that all vehicles clocked the predetermined miles by flying in new shocks in chartered airplanes.