Mercedes Benz to tighten its hold over tier 3 and tier 4 cites in India

Mercedes Benz, the German car company is looking to strike it large with the Asian sub continent. It aims at improving the impression of its luxury car segment in India by making sure that the more and more people can buy them easily. Inorder to make this possible the car company is looking to strengthen its hold over tier 3 and tier 4 cities which have a high number of people who are looking for car deals where luxury car models are concerned.

Inorder to help tap these new customers the company has also started a concept known as leasing of cars. It is the first company to do so in India. By carrying out this task the company looks to bringing in the masses and thereby increasing its sales considerably.

Mr Peter Honegg, CEO & MD, Mercedes Benz India said, “We will be soon launching car leasing in India to become a one- stop solutions provider for existing as well as new buyers. We are in talks with insurance players to enable us to offer complete package to regain our lost market share.”

“Our objective is to tap the huge potential in tier-III & IV cities, which have been witnessing a demand for luxury cars. Given the improved farm productivity, brand equity and increasing purchasing power, we believe that these cities could provide us a needed leg up to increase our sales. As the sales volume is growing year after year, cities such as Delhi and Mumbai have been losing their market share to smaller cities and we want to expand our dealers network. We plan to add 10 to 15 dealers a year going forward,” added.