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Mercedes Benz Unimog helps clear road of wet sodden leaves and carries Christmas trees

The year 2011 was 60th anniversary of Unimog, a heavy duty commercial vehicle built for tough weather conditions. Built by Mercedes Benz, this Unimog is an acronym for German’Universal-Motor-Gerät,’ Gerät being German for machine or device. It is a sturdy and heavy duty machine that helps clear leaves from the roads. Wet or sodden leaves on the road during winter are dangerous and slippery and can cause some of the most severe accidents. This debris must be removed and roads need to be cleared on a regular basis to prevent such occurrences and this is where the Mercedes Benz Unimog comes in handy.

Unimog is actually a leaf vacuum system. It comprises of a container atop a chassis with a long hose connected which performs the function of sucking up the leaves with the help of a pivot arm to direct the hose in the direction of the leaves to be cleared.

Unimog 300-500 range is available in a choice of four and six cylinder in line engines from the OM 904 LA and OM 906 LA series. All engines are BlueTec SCR technology which means that they meet the Euro 5 emission standards and used upto 40% less fuel. And that’s not all. Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400 is key to transporting conifers and firs across distances and to destinations in time for Christmas. After all, what’s Christmas without a christmas tree.


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