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Mercedes-Benz waives patent application right for QR code tech in vehicles


While all auto manufacturers have rescue cards available for fitting on vehicles, Daimler is the first to offer direct access to vehicle-specific rescue cards by means of a quick response (QR) code.

Making vehicle information available quickly to rescue workers is helpful. Construction details specific to a vehicle model, such as location of airbags, battery and fuel tanks, becomes quickly available so equipment such as a hydraulic cutter can be used safely.

Mercedes-Benz QR code“Electronic access by means of a QR code enables Mercedes-Benz to support in the rescue of accident victims”, says Christian Treiber, Director, Service & Parts for Passenger Cars at Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts.

“The sticker is easy to retrofit to second-hand cars. So this safety benefit is something we can offer not just to owners of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.” Treiber said, “In many countries, we are offering our customers the chance to have the QR code retrofitted free of charge.”

All new Mercedes-Benz cars since the end of 2013 have the QR code fitted as standard and the same will be done in Smart vehicles starting this month. QR code can be installed in all Mercedes-Benz and smart used vehicles manufactured from 1990 onward at an authorised Mercedes-Benz or smart service station. Mercedes-Benz has waived its right to make a patent application so that the tech will be available for all.


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