Mercedes diesel model nomenclature revised – CDI replaced by ‘d’

The new Mercedes diesel model nomenclature which debuted globally in 2016 A Class facelift has been implemented in India. As this image of a brand new Indian S Class indicates, the CDI badge which identified the oil burning Mercs so far has been replaced by a simple ‘d’, just like rival BMW.

This is a part of Mercedes’ restructuring strategy to make model identification simpler. For this purpose, the luxury car maker introduced a new primary nomenclature which grouped models that share a platform. This move saw the GLK changing its name to GLC with the ‘C’ in the naming denoting its origin from the C Class platform. Likewise the ML Class become GLE. The GL Class will be rebranded as GLS in its next iteration.

2016 Mercedes A Class facelift (4) rear three quarter
The new Mercedes diesel nomenclature was first adopted by facelifted A Class.

Coming back to the new diesel variant nomenclature, Mercedes chooses to continue with the three-digit numerical designation to identify the engine. We expect Mercedes-Benz India to adopt the new system quickly across its entire lineup.

It’s to be noted that fellow German luxury car maker Audi also recently underwent a variant name restructuring process which saw the engine displacement badges being replaced by three-digit numbers which are arrived at after a sophisticated calculation. Higher the number, higher the engine capability, irrespective of the displacement.

2016 Mercedes A Class – Image Gallery

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