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Mercedes Digital Light is so smart that it can make patterns on road to give warnings to driver

Mercedes-Maybach customers will be the first to experience the latest in headlamp technology. HD quality Digital Light with a resolution of two million plus pixels will be introduced in select Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, and is being shown at 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Select fleet customers will access the first vehicles equipped with Digital Light within Q2 of 2018.

Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development said with over 1 million pixels per headlamp, Digital Light is ideal varied driving conditions, and comes with visual support from MB driving assistance systems.

Digital Light headlamp tech is developed for driving assistance and communication with the driver. In essence, it creates ideal light for all driving conditions. On offer is higher precision than multibeam LED headlamps, and minimization of glare for improved road safety.

A chip in the HD-quality headlamp works with over a million micro-reflectors. Cameras and sensor systems detect road users. Data and digital navigation maps are evaluated, and commands given to the headlamps for varying situations.

Software-controlled Digital Light symbols can also be projected onto the road in HD quality so a driver can glean info from their field of vision. This further eases communication with ones surroundings in real time.

The system detects ‘work in progress’ sign and makes pattern on the road to indicate driver.

Digital Light functionality:

Guide lines are the use of two trails of light that correspond with the car width and are projected onto the driver’s own lane to assist with driver orientation.

Extended pedestrian mark is symbolised by an arrow on the road surface pointing towards a pedestrian detected in the danger zone near the road in addition to the mark provided by Adaptive Highbeam Assist.

If there is snow on the road, it will indicate snow flake pattern.

Distance mark helps set standard proximity appropriate for certain situations. When Distronic Plus proximity control is activated or standard proximity altered, an appropriate proximity mark appears on the road.

Lane-keeping symbol is projected onto the road when a vehicle is in danger of leaving its lane and entering the oncoming traffic.

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