Mercedes self driving Future Truck 2025 concept revealed

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025German auto majors, Mercedes Benz have announced Future Truck 2025 which is a semi autonomous truck fitted with autonomous Highway Pilot Assistance System that allows the truck to drive itself at speeds upto 85 kmph. The concept was put to a fully unmanned, 45 minute test drive on a 30 km stretch of autobahn near a closed part of A14 near Magdeburg in Germany. These trucks could be on sale by middle of next decade.

Described as truck of the future, Future Truck 2025 possesses four radar sensors in that scan the road in a 360 degree radius at both long and short range. The road ahead is monitored by a stereo camera situated above the dash.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025Future Truck 2025 is packed with technology to include Predictive Powertrain Control System. This system uses information on road topography and route features to automatically adjust operations of the engine to ensure both fuel efficiency and optimal acceleration. These trucks are also able to communicate with each other so as to travel in closer range thereby occupying less road space, while updating each other about traffic jams, roadworks and accidents.

mercedes-autonomous-driveThe driver can override the Highway Pilot, taking over charge at any time as deemed fit. This is necessary as Future Truck 2025 is not yet able to change lanes so as to overtake.