Cops reveal the speed at which Mercedes G 63 AMG crashed into Metro pillar

22 year old Nishit Narayana, son of a Cabinet Minister in Andhra Pradesh, has been killed in a high speed car crash. He was travelling in the car with his friend.


Son of P Narayana, the Municipal Administration Minister of Andhra Pradesh had been killed in a tragic car accident in Hyderabad. 22 year old Nishit Narayana was travelling in Mercedes G 63 AMG along with his 23 yr old friend Raja Ravi Varma.

The accident took place at around 2-30 AM at Road Number 36, Jubliee Hills, which is one of the posh localities of the Hyderabad City. It is not clear who was driving, and if the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

From the images it was clear that it was a high speed crash. As per the watchman, who was the first to arrive at the scene, he told police that he was woken up from his sleep due to a loud noise. When he came out of the society, he saw this huge car crashed into the pillar of Hyderabad Metro.

Within a few minutes, police van arrived at the scene and removed the two men from the car. They were rushed to Apollo Hospital, where they were declared dead on arrival. The Minister was in London at the time of the accident. He is on his way to India now.

As per report from V6 News and the police, it is a suspected case of high speed driving and rash driving which has resulted in the death of two men. Finally, the investigation report is out. Thanks to the footage from CCTV camera, which captured the vehicle before it hit the metro pillar, the cops have revealed that at the time of impact, the speed of the car was 145 kmph.

Mercedes G 63 AMG SUV is one of the toughest cars to be on sale today. Not only structurally strong, the car comes with a really powerful engine, and top notch safety features. But that does not mean the car can be driven rashly or at high speeds on public roads. Cars can protect you to a certain extent, but it largely depends on how you drive.

However strong or safe the car be, no car comes with life guarantee. In addition to buying safer cars, one should always make it a point to adhere to traffic rules and speed regulations when driving.