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Mercedes India restarts plant operations in graded manner from today

By any stretch of imagination if the country were to be once again bustling with activity, more-so, economic activity, the need is to begin business operations

But this is a complicated process, which has already brought great grief to the world economy in terms of loss of revenue, and the human cost. A report puts the number at 17.8 million salaried workers having being axed. And that’s not even the worst when it comes to numbers across segments.

Overall unemployment in India has grown volumes in April 2020. In this bleak reality, entire industries have found themselves to be irrelevant, and/or lacking the financial ability to remain operational once lockdown days are behind us.

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And this brings us to think, and rethink the way we’ve viewed the world, and what we’ve afforded undue importance to. As India, begins reopening industries based on zone, need, protocol, exposure, and other parameters, there are some who’re able to go back to work before others. Of course, this is only possible if strict distancing and hygiene protocols are maintained in areas that have been deemed fit for operations.

Mercedes E Class BS6 350D
Mercedes E Class BS6

Mercedes-Benz India has restarted graded operations today. With this, production at its Chakan manufacturing facility has restarted in a graded manner. This is in line with Government of Maharashtra directives to reopen, and resume operations. As the current status of the ongoing nationwide lockdown is a matter in development, and infection numbers in Maharashtra continue to be right on top, gradually increasing production is dependant on how the current situation evolves. This is being monitored by the company’s leadership team.

For Mercedes-Benz India, safety, health and well-being of employees, customers and suppliers are of utmost importance. As required, the company adheres to all necessary precautions to be undertaken when restarting operations.

Currently, only essential staff is at the production facility. With minimal number of employees on the floor, maintaining social distancing protocols and mandated safety and sanitization measures are topmost focus.

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Those who can work from home are doing so in other aspects of work. In general, manufacturers have introduced online booking of vehicles. The process allows one to surf, find a suitable car, select custom options, and go ahead with booking the car.

Delivery commitments will be met by city dealerships or those catering to a region as and when the government permits. On this front, select Mercedes-Benz India dealerships have started operations as permitted by authorities.

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