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Mercedes S class design: Seamless tradition of automotive development


The S- class has been available since the start of the 20th century and since then it has epitomized the development of luxury vehicles all over the world. Luxury, control and safety are the three main factors which are always taken under consideration when creating these S-class vehicles. It can be said in short that from its inception to the current day, S-class models have exuded characteristics that are seen in a perfect car.

Mercedes Benz has been creating luxury car models since the year 1951 and this makes the S-class and its predecessors the most successful models in the luxury car segment all over the world. When one traces the line of the S- class the first model that comes to mind is the type 220 which was the first six- cylinder Mercedes Benz vehicle. Later years saw the advent of the 220 SE and 300d where engine and performance features were revamped considerably.

Fintail models were introduced in the year 1959 and were popular with people till 1972 after which model series 116, 126,140, 220, 221 the current day S-class series were launched for the public. Since 1951, these cars have undergone tremendous changes in relation to their engine, transmission as also features provided within these cars. Impressive technologies used have helped to reduce the carbon emission considerably and thereby increase fuel ratings. From 2013, model series 222 will be launched which will mark another milestone in the journey of the S-class.


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