New Mercedes S-Class Pullman 6-seater limousine to unveil at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes S-Class Pullman is essentially a stretched version of flagship S-Class sedan, accommodating 6 seats. Wheelbase of Pullman is a good one metre longer than S-Class to insert the extra row of seats. New model of Pullman will be unveiled in March, 2015.

2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class
Mercedes Benz S-Class Pullman is famous for its customer base, which comprises of politicians, dictators and plutocrats. Img above is of S350 CDI

Daimler launched the first ever Mercedes S-Class Pullman 600 at 1963 Frankfurt Auto Show, which was over 6 metres long and drove upto speed of 200 kmph. Even the original Mercedes Pullman model was supported by highly complex hydraulic suspension system to glide over very bad roads at high speed. It proved to be a worthy competitor to Rolls-Royce and Cadillac cars in riding comfortably at any velocity. Even the armour plated ones weighing over 3.4 tonnes were deemed competent.

Soon the model came to be known as ‘Dictator ship’ as it was popular among people with massive authority and money, basically autocrats.

Last April, a Reuters report mentioned that Mercedes Benz was developing armoured version of S-Class Pullman limousine, which is bound to be priced above $1 million (Rs. 6.2 crore).

Via – Reuters