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2014 Mercedes Benz S Class W222 features ready to revolutionize auto industry

2014 Mercedes Benz S Class W222 will be offered with a host of never before seen safety features. Mercedes Benz has now revealed in detail all the features of the next gen S Class. Safety features where passenger, driver and pedestrian are concerned is the company’s top priority and hence Mercedes Benz have gone all out with S Class to offer an entire gamut of most up to date safety features.

Adaptive High beam Assist PLUS is a permanent high beam with no dazzling. It is attuned to oncoming vehicles or traffic ahead and quickly adapts the light distribution accordingly, honing directly to the specific situation. The system is active at speeds above 30 kmph when travelling after dark.

Active Seat Belt Buckle is another safety feature wherein the electric motor extends and retracts the belt buckle automatically so as there is no slacking on the pelvis or thorax regions. This ensures that seat belt is not only more secure but also fastening and unfastening is made simpler.

Active Lane Keeping Assist and Parking Assist are also being added to the upcoming S Class drawing attention to overtaking vehicles, parallel traffic and parking conveniences. Detection of risk of collision causes the steering wheel to vibrate instantly drawing driver’s attention to the impending situation.

Active Blind Spot Assist warns of lane changes, BAS PLUS with Cross Traffic Assist alleviates not only rear end collisions but also imminent crash with cross traffic at junctions while at the same time detecting any sort of hazards in the path of the vehicle. Automatically brake pressure is boosted in case of emergency and in situations when driver is too tardy.

Cross Traffic Assist is active at speeds upto 72 kmph. BAS PLUS and PRE-SAFE Brake is also introduced into the S Class for autonomous braking of vehicles, prevention of up front collision and rear end collisions. Distronic plus with Steering Assist proximity control system is a driver aid designed to keep the vehicle at the desired distance from another vehicle in front, even in stop and go traffic.

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