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Miscreants in Mercedes SUV set a VW Vento on fire which is parked inside a Mumbai society (Video)

Rohit Mehra has shared details of his burning VW Vento and gives CCTV details of the arson.


The miscreants arrived in a white Mercedes ML SUV, poured a flammable liquid over the VW Vento and set it ablaze, only to drive off into the darkness leaving the burning car to be reduced to scrap.

Rohit Mehra and his wife who reside at Palava Dombivali in Mumbai’s suburbs were spending the night at their friend’s place at Shiv Om Towers in Chandivali on 14th November 2017. Deep in slumber, the couple was woken at 4.00 am, with a rude shock that their parked VW Vento was set ablaze. They rushed down and with the help of the security guard and fire extinguishers managed to contain the fire, but images and a video given below reveal that the VW Vento is beyond repair.

The cops were called and CCTV footage of the area has been taken and further investigations are underway. An FIR has also been lodged with the Saki Naka Police Station and reports are awaited. The CCTV footage has revealed that the miscreants arrived in a white Mercedes ML SUV. A man is seen stepping out of the vehicle at 3.37am. He walks upto the VW Vento with a jerry can in his hand. He is noted pouring the flammable liquid over the front wheel of the car and setting it ablaze even as he rushes into the rear of his Mercedes car and is driven off.

The VW in question, CH 01 AV 3377, was a silver colored vehicle which was parked in a guest parking spot. Another silver colored Vento is usually parked at the same spot every day. This could have been a case of mistaken identity but questioning the owner has not revealed any clues as to why the car could have been targeted. Though CCTV footage is being investigated, the registration number of the Mercedes SUV has not been identified.

Below is the detail shared by the owner of the car Rohit –

I want to bring a incident happened early morning with us on 14 Nov 2017, till yet the car number is not identified we need your help in expediting the investigation.

My name is Rohit Mehra and I stay in Palava-Dombivli with my wife. We planned to see off our friend couple who were flying back to home town on Tuesday early morning. We stayed at their place on Monday night in Shiv Om towers, Nahar Amrit Shakti, Chandivali.

The terror broke on us early morning 4:00 AM with a news that our car in parking is on flames. Below are details of incident with timeline of what exactly happened. Please help us spread this incident on news for the sake of awareness and finding the culprits who did this.

An unknown SUV car enters the society (seems like Merc 4matic). Car stops near my car – CH 01 AV 3377. A guy comes out from rear seat, carrying some bottle in hand (presumably some flammable fluid). He bends down at my car’s driver side wheel to spread that liquid. Meanwhile the SUV car turns back and takes position to exit society. The guys lit up by car in flame and runs to sit at rear of SUV. The car speeds out of society to escape.

The building guard notices the burning car nearby gas pipeline of society and runs to intimate us and other guards to extinguish the fire.

We (I, my wife and a friend) rushes down and see the flames coming underneath bonnet of car. The gas pipeline was inches away from these flames, which poses greater threat to whole society. The water being thrown on car didn’t make any difference on putting the fire down. I asked security to bring in extinguishers. I and a guard opened up one DCP extinguisher in the flames from opposite ends. This controlled fire a little bit and we charged fire with more DCP from other extinguishers.

Fire was put to rest after half an hour of struggle. I was totally shattered inside, but gathered strength to call police and dialled 100.

Police arrives on location and investigates the scene. No one knows the real reason of fire as guards didn’t see the car entering and exiting the society. We are in impression that how can car short circuit or break in fire while in parking mode.

After intimating close ones or the incident and researching online for the possible causes, we finally got access to the CCTV footage of society.

Inspected the footage from 3:00 AM on wards and finally unveils the truth that someone has light up fire externally to the car. My wife broke in tears seeing this as we are outsiders and don’t even live here. Why will someone do this to us..? What about the hundreds of life living in society..? How can this happen openly in Mumbai..? We are totally horrified and clueless what to do next. I was feeling numb. Decided to go to police station again with this new finding

In police station, we get to meet senior officer Mr. Avinash. He hears our grievance patiently and assigns two of his team members on this case. My FIR is done and investigation in progress.

By this time all CCTV footage of nearby shops has been checked. Nahar’s CCTV footage check is pending and planned to be done by police in evening as office opens up

Police updating us in casual way we are investigating but till yet no strict action has been taken and car number has not been tracked up.It was big life threat for the people living in the society as there was gas pipeline just next to car where it was set on fire.

I’m open to any queries or questions, if I have missed some thing here.

Police Investigation : Currently CCTV footage of near by areas has been checked and footage of CI branch also checked, the incident took place early morning so finding it difficult to track the car number. Police trying to connect small small clue and saying cannot comment anything until they get all details

Thanks in advance for your help!

Rohit Mehra

If anyone knows about the miscreants, please connect with the owner, or with us at 9158881284.

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