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Mercedes uses a cat to show how aerodynamic is their CLA (Video)

Mercedes CLA cat ad 1

Featuring their new CLA compact sedan, the new Mercedes Benz ad highlights the aerodynamics of the car, by using a sleepy cat. The ad starts with a sleepy cat lying on the bonnet of the CLA.

In the direction of the CLA, a wind is blown. The cat then is pushed over to the windscreen, then on-to the roof, and finally on the boot before it falls off the car.

Mercedes Benz CLA BlueEFFICIENCY is the world’s most aerodynamic production car with a Cd value of just 0.22 (the regular CLA has drag co-eficient value of 0.23).

Mercedes CLA cat ad 1


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  • Raeth

    I am wondering what will Jaguar do next, as Mercedes have used a cat in their video this time 😛