Mercedes Vision G-Code concept’s paint acts as solar panel

New Vision G-Code concept is a compact crossover that is even shorter in length than the shortest SUV in the company’s portfolio, the GLA, at 4089mm. But being small doesn’t mean it has got less underneath, or in the case, all over it.

Mercedes Vision G-Code 01
Mercedes Vision G-Code is smaller than GLA

The concept uses multi-voltaic silver body paint that acts as solar cells, thus transforming the entire body into one flamboyant solar panel. This powers the electric part of the hybrid powertrain, specifications of which are yet to be revealed. The high tech Mercedes crossover concept has All Wheel Drive configuration, and sports pure electric drive mode as well.

Mercedes Benz Vision G-Code concept is decorated by a cool holographic front grille which indicates what mode the vehicle is driving in. This is similar to the technology showcased recently on Mercedes Future Truck 2025 concept.

Mercedes Vision G-Code 04 interiors
Smooth and contrast interiors with minimal detailing.

Front fascia is rounded off by LED headlights and another strip of LEDs around its back. A-pillars get minuscule cameras that pop out to function as rearview mirrors. Sportiness of new Vision G-Code concept is further enhanced by 21 inch aluminium rims with spokes made of carbon fibre, short overhangs, high ground clearance and aluminium skid plates.

Interior of the tech packed Mercedes Vision G-Code concept crossover gets four bucket seats with heating, cooling and massage functions, ultra-wide infotainment display, cutting-edge climate control system and a pair of stand-up scooters under the cargo floor.