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Mercedes Vision Van Concept unveiled ahead of 2016 Paris Motor Show


The new Mercedes Vision Van is part of the company’s initiative called ‘adVANce’ and comes in with a 167 mile (268 km) range.

Mercedes Vision Van Concept was presented at a daylong symposium in Stuttgart along with 10 other innovations being developed under Mercedes Benz’ $562 million advance Strategic Initiative.

Set to be launched as a delivery van, the concept is seen with robot selves and drone parking on its roof. This all electric van is ideally suited for delivery of small packages and has been set up along with drone startup Matternet.


The Vision Van acts as a takeoff and landing pad for Matternet M2 drones. These drones connect to the van’s on board and cloud based system that utilizes robotic shelving system to load items into the drones.

Mercedes Vision Van Concept is powered by an electric drive system offering 100 hp with zero emission. These lithium ion batteries are positioned on the floor while interior space is at a premium allowing for maximum loading capacity for these delivery vans. On a single charge, it has a driving range of 167 miles of 268 km.


Vision Van Concept receives no steering wheel or pedals but instead comes in with a drive by wire control system integrating all steering and driving functions electrically.

The operator uses a joystick to steer the van. Mercedes Benz has showcased this concept van to demonstrate what type of delivery van research the company is carrying out while when this van would go into production has not yet been revealed.


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