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Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India

Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India

Meritor, Inc. (NYSE: MTOR) and Brakes India, Ltd., has announced its signing of a Licensing and Technology Assistance Agreement for manufacture and sale of Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in India. The agreement expands on an existing licensing agreement for B-frame hydraulic disc brakes, air drum and air disc brakes.

Meritor ELSA air disc brakes in IndiaThe development builds on the long-term, successful cooperation between Meritor and Brakes India in the market here. 5+ million Meritor ELSA brakes have been sold worldwide. In India, ELSA 225H air disc brakes have been in use in major fleets over the years, having gained popularity as a cost-effective and reliable safety improvement especially for buses and coaches.

Brakes India Limited’s automotive industry business has resulted in a sales turnover in excess of Rs. 30 billion Set up as a JV in 1962 between TVS group and Lucas Industries plc (now integrated with TRW), Brakes India is now a leading brake system supplier to global OEMs operating in India.

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