Messi shows his new red car to the world

Earlier this week, reports in the Spanish media suggested that the exclusive 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti which was auctioned for a record-breaking €32 million ($35.7 million or £24.6 million or INR 246 crore), belonged to none other than one of the greatest football player ever – Lionel Messi.

Not only that, the reports also added that Messi had outbidding Cristiano Ronaldo (who many consider as his arch nemesis or whatever) in buying the classic Ferrari beauty. So is Messi the real owner of this new Ferrari, or does it belong to someone else?

Well that will be difficult to answer. But we do know for a fact that Lionel Messi has recently purchased a new red car, and it is can be seen in the photo below.

El nuevo auto que dicen que compre ?// My new car??

A photo posted by Leo Messi (@leomessi) on

Not one to take things for granted, Messi immediately took to his Instagram account and shared the photo of his new car. Sadly for the Spanish reports, the new car which he owns now is not the exclusive Ferrari, but a toy car replica from the Pixar movie Cars.

Well done Messi. What a fitting way to clear all the controversy surrounding the reports on you buying one of the most expensive cars ever on auction.