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Royal Enfield Meteor 350 vs Honda CB350 – Speed Comparison Test

Meteor 350 vs Honda CB350
Image – Abhinav Bhatt

Is the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 faster than the Honda CB350?

In the 350 cc segment, there are several options to choose from. Apart from the obvious Classic 350, there’s Honda H’Ness CB350 and recently launched Meteor 350. The latter two is where things may get a bit difficult to decide, since both motorcycles offer superior performance and come with a long list of features.

To help users make informed choices, YouTuber Abhinav Bhatt has uploaded a new video that details the real world performance difference between Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Honda CB350.

Meteor 350 vs. Honda CB350 acceleration, speed test

For this comparative analysis, Abhinav chose to ride the Meteor 350 and asked his colleague to ride the CB350. The primary idea was to test the performance of these motorcycles in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. The test was conducted on an open highway with limited traffic.

In second gear, both bikers started accelerating from a speed of 20 kmph. It took Honda CB350 just a few seconds to race ahead of Meteor. The latter hit the speed limiter at 70-75 kmph, whereas CB350 achieved 80 kmph in second gear.

In the next round, both motorcycles started at 30 kmph in third gear. For some distance, both bikes were neck and neck at a speed of around 80 kmph. CB350 eventually raced ahead of Meteor that maxed out at around 100 kmph in third gear. CB350 did 110 kmph in third gear.

In fourth gear, both motorcycles started at 40 kmph. Now was the turn for Meteor to show its strength, as it raced ahead of CB350 almost effortlessly. However, the lead lasted for only a short distance, as CB350 eventually overtook Meteor. Apparently, CB350 has a higher top speed in 4th gear, which allowed it to overtake Meteor.

In fifth gear, Meteor 350 emerged as a clear winner. Not only did it accelerate faster than CB350, it was also able to maintain a significant lead. After driving for quite a long distance, it was felt that CB350 couldn’t possibly catch up with Meteor in 5th gear.

Ride experience summary

According to Abhinav, he liked Meteor’s performance, especially in 4th and 5th gear. The level of acceleration and top speed would be very useful during long distance journeys. Honda CB350 trailed behind Meteor in 5th gear, which is probably due to its tall gear setup.

As is evident from this video, specs may only be able to provide a basic idea about a motorcycle’s capabilities. Numbers do not necessarily determine how well a motorcycle will perform in the real world. This is especially true when we are comparing two products. When unsure, the best way to find out the better one that suits your needs is to take them out for a test ride.

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