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MFTBC and DICV independent and important with 5 Fuso trucks production in India

MFTBC and DICV combined annual sales target has been projected at 290,000 sold units until the year 2020, and contributes in a major way to Daimler Trucks´ sales target of 500,000+ trucks in 2015 and, 700,000 trucks in year 2020. The integrated ‘Asia Business Model’ is important for their ‘Daimler Trucks Number One’ global excellence initiative.

The Oragadam plant has the capacity to cater to both, the Indian market for Daimler India Commercial Vehicle’s BharatBenz, and for export markets, where the FUSO range is concerned.This range of trucks will be exported to 15 countries. The FUSO range will consist of five models which will be launched in earmarked markets in Asia & Africa starting June 2013, while Sri Lanka will be the first market to receive these trucks. These FUSO trucks are based on ‘Daimler Trucks Technical Platforms’ and comprise of 5 models in the Medium /Heavy duty and Light /Medium duty range. They are “FA” and “FI” , and “FJ”, “FO” and “FZ”.

These vehicles will be sold via the FUSO networks to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mauritius and Seychelles, besides Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zambia, Kenya and Brunei.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Board of Management Member of Daimler AG responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses: “Strategically, we are very well positioned with the Asia Business Model. The close network ties between MFTBC and DICV allow us to tap into important synergies, through which we can do business in new growth markets efficiently and grow profitably. Our customers benefit from this – through the right products, the best services and low total cost of ownership.”

Dr. Albert Kirchmann, Head of Daimler Trucks Asia and MFTBC President & CEO said, “Today´s production start of a new generation of modern, robust and economical FUSO trucks that will be made in India for high-growth export markets is an important step in the implementation of the Asia Business Model.” Dr. Kirchmann said, “I am proud of the entire team of MFTBC and DICV, which will work together even more closely and for even more sustained success in the future.” He added, “Today is an exciting moment for us. The New Asia Business Model will enable us to unlock full potential among MFTBC and DICV, and we are already bringing strategies into reality. We have done our homework in repositioning our MFTBC operations, ramping up DICV business, and establishing presence of the BharatBenz brand in India. Coming out of the unimaginable 2011 earthquake crisis in Japan, we have achieved a record operational result in 2012. Now, with the strategic FUSO truck ready for launch for export outside of India, our growth story ‘FUSO 2015’ is at full speed ahead.”

According to Marc Llistosella, DICV Managing Director & CEO, “DICV pledged to offer reliable and economical BharatBenz trucks – and we have delivered on this promise. Our trucks are well received by our customers.” Llistosella continued, “That we will now also be making FUSO trucks in Chennai is clear proof of the demanding quality standard here, which applies equally throughout Daimler´s entire global production network.” He added, “Over the last 4 years DICV has made clear promises to deliver the most-reliable and cost-efficient trucks to the Indian trucker and we have delivered on all of them. The launch of FUSO trucks from our manufacturing facility at Chennai is a clear demonstration of the same exacting quality standards practised by Daimler facilities around the world. The export potential of DICV adds strength to our business plan while also encouraging the possibility of higher sourcing from the Indian suppliers”.

Mr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, Senior Vice President – Sales and After Sales, MFTBC said, “Our new assortment of modern and at the same time economical FUSO trucks will fill the rising customer demand in Asia and Africa.” “We will be supplying a total of 15 export markets through our established MFTBC sales network. The start will be made in Sri Lanka – with the first market launch as early as June, followed by Bangladesh, Zambia, Kenya and Brunei later this year.” He added, “Our new lineup of fuel-efficient, state-of-the-art FUSO trucks will fill the growing customer demand in Asia and Africa, thus adding further growth for Daimler Trucks Asia. Moving ahead, we will supply a total of 15 export markets starting with Sri Lanka in June 2013 followed by other select markets.”


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