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MG Hector Prices Increased Yet Again In February – New Price List

MG Hector Fen 2021 Prices
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Following a January 2021 price hike, there’s a price revision on some MG Hector price variants again in February 2021

A new year always brings with it a price hike where the auto industry is concerned. But just how difficult is 2021 going to be. MG Motor India has announced a price revision for Hector and Hector Plus wef February 02, 2021. The company attributes this to an adverse exchange rate, and input costs that are continually rising.

As such, it’s again that time of the year wherein some of the price burden is passed onto customers. The 2.0L diesel Standard and Dual variants in Style and Super trims continue to be available without a hike. Smart and Sharp now cost Rs 17,01,800, and Rs 18,42,800, respectively.

MG Hector 5 seater price revision

Petrol DCT 5 seater Hector STD Smart trim costs Rs 16,51,800. Sharp Petrol STD and Dual Tone are available for Rs 18,09,800 each. 5 Seater Petrol BSG 6MT STD Super trim price is unchanged.

Smart trim now costs Rs 15,75,800, and Sharp trim in Dual tone costs Rs 17,09,800. For the 5-seater variants price revision where price is being increased is limited to 10 grands for almost all variants. Only the Smart MT hybrid is costlier by 11 grands.

MG Hector Price List Feb 2021
MG Hector Price List Feb 2021

MG Hector 6 and seater price revision

Hector Plus petrol and diesel 6-seater MT or AT variants are being sold without a price revision. The remainder of price hikes for the 6-seat variants are at 10,000 bucks each. Sharp MT Hybrid is now available from Rs 17.85 lakhs, up from Rs 17.75 L. Sharp AT now costs Rs 18.90 L, up from Rs 18.80 L. And Sharp AT DT is listed at Rs 19.10 L, up from Rs 19L.

In the diesel 6 seater variants, Smart MT is now listed at Rs 17.72L, up from Rs 17.62L. Sharp MT costs Rs 19.23L, up from Rs 19.13L. And Sharp MT DT now costs Rs 19.43L, up from Rs 19.33L.

Hector Plus 7 seater variants for the most part are being sold without a February price hike. The variants that are costlier are Smart MT at Rs 17.62L, up from Rs 17.52L. And Select MT, which is listed at a retail price of Rs 18.43 L, up from Rs 18.33L.

MG Hector Plus Price List Feb 2021
MG Hector Plus Price List Feb 2021

For exterior dual tone colour variants, ESR price continues to be pegged at 20 grands costlier that base variant price. Price revisions are already in play having come into effect yesterday.

So while some vehicles are only costlier by 10 grands from a price listing of in December 2020, at the higher end difference of 2 months means a car is now 55k costlier.

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