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MG Hector, Hector Plus Handling Charge Of Rs 8k Included In Ex-Sh Price

MG Hector Handling Charges
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This is the third time this year that MG has increased prices of Hector

Due to rising input costs related to transportation and raw materials, many carmakers have had to increase prices in recent months. In case of MG Motor, prices were hiked in January and February. Now the company has announced yet another price hike, which is applicable from April 1, 2021. Hector variants have become costlier by up to Rs 43k.

Handling charges included

In a relief for customers and dealers, MG Motor has stated that handling charges will now be part of MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) from April 1, 2021. Handling charges of Rs 8k, which includes GST, has already been included in the increased prices.

This move will benefit customers as well as dealers. Handling charges have been the bane of the Indian car market to say the least. The practise still continues, even when handling charges have been termed illegal by the government, RTO and even consumer court.

The dealers have to spend a bit extra for things like maintaining the car until it is sold, when they get the car from their stockyard to the dealer, for the delivery process and so on. For these miscellaneous services, they charge what is called as handling charges in the invoice.

MG Hector Prices April 2021
MG Hector Prices April 2021

In most cases, customers don’t mind paying this amount. But there have been cases where this has resulted in bad experience for customer. There was no body regulating the handling charge and dealers charge it as per their wish. In the past, there were cases where car dealers used to charge anywhere between Rs 5k to Rs 1+ lakh as handling charges.

MG Hector Handling Charges
MG Motor mentions in the new price list that handling charges of Rs 8,000 are now included in MSRP.

By adding the handling charges in MSRP, MG Motor India has brought a much needed transparency and respite. Customers will know what they are paying for and won’t have to worry about getting fleeced.

MG Hector new prices – April 2021

Talking about petrol variants first, MG Hector Style MT, Super MT and Smart DCT variants have become costlier by Rs 28k. New Prices are Rs 13.18 lakh, Rs 14.17 lakh and Rs 16.80 lakh, respectively. Smart MT Hybrid and Sharp DCT new prices are Rs 16.04 lakh and Rs 18.39 lakh, respectively. Prices of both these variants have been increased by Rs 29k.

Smart CVT, Sharp MT Hybrid and Sharp CVT prices are up by Rs 33k. New prices are Rs 16.85 lakh, Rs 17.43 lakh and Rs 18.43 lakh, respectively. Max price hike is Rs 38k for Super MT Hybrid, which now retails at Rs 14.78 lakh.

For Hector diesel 5-seater, prices of Style, Super, and Smart variants is up by 38k. New prices are Rs 14.59 lakh, Rs 15.69 lakh and Rs 17.40 lakh, respectively. Sharp variant gets costlier by Rs 43k, priced at Rs 18.86 lakh. In case of Hector Plus petrol 6-seater and 7-seater variants, prices have been increased by Rs 28k. In comparison, diesel 6-seater and 7-seater variants have become costlier by Rs 38k.

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