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MG Hector Price Hike Aug 2021 – New Shine Variant Spied With Smaller Sunroof

MG Hector Shine Variant Spied
MG Hector Shine Variant Spied. Image – Anshul / Rushlane Spylane.

MG Motor India will soon launch a new variant of Hector – This new variant will be called ‘Shine’

After launching the updated Hector lineup earlier this year, MG Motor India is now getting ready to add a new variant to the Hector line-up. Currently, Hector lineup includes of Style, Super, Smart and Sharp. Style being the base variant and Sharp being the top variant. These are offered in a choice of petrol and diesel engine option.

Soon there will be a 5th variant added, called Shine. The new Hector Shine variant will sit between Super and Smart. It will get a normal single pane sunroof, instead of the dual pane panoramic sunroof seen on the top of the line Sharp variant. More details about the new Hector Shine variant will be revealed in the coming days.

MG Hector Shine Variant Spied For First Time
MG Hector Shine Variant Spied For First Time. Image – Anshul / Rushlane Spylane.

MG Hector Price Hike – Aug 2021

MG Motor India has increased prices of Hector range once again this year. This is the third time price have been increased in 2021. Last hike was in April this year. The latest price hike makes the Hector range costlier by up to Rs 40k.

The 5 seater Hector base petrol variant now costs Rs 13.5 lakhs compared to Rs 13.18 lakh last month. Base variant is now costlier by Rs 32k. Diesel base variant is now priced at Rs 14.99 lakh, up from Rs 14.59 lakh last month. Hector base models have received the highest hike. Petrol getting pricier by 2.43% while diesel getting pricier by 2.74%. Below are the detailed prices of Hector for Aug 2021.

MG Hector Price Aug 2021
MG Hector Price Aug 2021

Prices of the 6 and 7 seater Hector Plus have also been increased. Hector Plus 6 seater petrol is only offered in Smart and Sharp trims. Smart petrol DCT / CVT price is now up by Rs 34k, while that of the Sharp variants is also up by a similar range. Hector Plus diesel variants are now costlier by about Rs 35k.

MG Hector Plus Price Hike Aug 2021
MG Hector Plus Price Hike Aug 2021

MG Motor Buyback

If you are an average Indian, once you buy a car, it is expected that you will continue to own it for next 5-7 years (at-least). However, what would you do if there is a new, upgraded variant available in the market? Usually, for Financial reasons, you would give that upgrade a pass and wait another 2-3 years before you plan for the next vehicle. However, things might change drastically if the OEM of your car is really keen on retaining you as a customer and is planning to offer some very interesting value propositions.

Interestingly, a Karnataka based owner of a pre-facelift MG Hector traded his old Hector for a new 2021 model and spent just INR 1.69 lakhs in the process of exchange. He purchased an all new 2021 MG Hector Diesel MT – Sharp trim in Silver colour. The cost of the purchase including taxes was INR 18.69 lakhs.

However, as he had exchanged his old Hector, the customer landed up getting a strong compensation of INR 17 lakhs for his pre-facelift Hector. The exchange price offered by MG’s showroom is astounding, as the customer managed to realize over 96% resale value of his old Hector. Coincidentally, the previous model was also a top of the line trim of the Hector, just like the current Sharp MT. The transaction took place at MG’s Bangalore based dealership – Jubliant Autoworks Pvt. Ltd.

Car Exchange Process

Most OEMs offer exchange facilities at their showrooms. This helps customers to get an one-stop solution to sell their previous car and plan on buying a new one, all under the same roof. Additionally, most OEMs provide heavier discounts if the car which is being traded in is also of the same OEM brand.

However, getting an option to realize over 96% of the value in an exchange is relatively unprecedented in India. Such kind of an offer becomes highly lucrative for the customer and it shall certainly help MG to retain more customers in its own family in the future.

MG’s Sales Performance

MG has been registering consistent growth in sales, month after month, despite ongoing price hikes. In the month of March’21, MG Motors recorded its ever-highest sales numbers in India. All models combined, MG managed to sell 5,582 units in March’21. The numbers have been led by the combo of MG Hector and Hector Plus, while models like ZS EV and Gloster too have done well. Hector and the Hector Plus recorded total sales of 4,720 units in Mar’21, beating even the combination of Harrier and Safari.

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