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Tata Harrier Records 3x Sales Increase – But Still Behind MG Hector

Tata Harrier Nov 2020 Sales
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MG Hector and Hector Plus dominated the SUV segment taking a strong lead over the Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass

The SUV segment has caused quite a stir in markets in recent times. Demand in this segment is continuously on the rise, growing both in terms of sales and in the number of new offerings from each automaker in the country.

MG Hector leads the pack

November 2020 saw the MG Hector and Hector Plus, relatively newcomers in this arena, claim top spot in terms of sales. Commanding a 5.77 percent YoY growth, the MG Hector amassed sales to the extent of 3,426 units, registering its second highest monthly sales since launch.

This helped them in beating rivals such as the Tata Harrier, Jeep Compass, and Mahindra XUV500. The Hector currently holds a 47.39 percent market share. However when taking MoM sales into account, Hector sales dipped 5.49 percent as against 3,625 units sold in Oct 20. Future sales are expected to pick up with the automaker confirming 4,000 fresh orders during November 2020.

The Tata Harrier was in a second spot where SUV sales in the past month were concerned. Total sales stood at 2,210 units, a 190 percent increase or triple the sales over sales of 762 units sold in the same month of the past year. MoM sales however, dipped 7.84 percent as against 2,398 units sold in Oct 20.

MG Hector vs Tata Harrier Sales
MG Hector vs Tata Harrier Sales – Nov 2020

Despite this dip in sales market share stood at 30.57 percent in Nov 20 up from 28.10 percent held in Oct 20. It is to be noted here that MG Hector is offered with petrol as well as diesel engine options. Whereas, Harrier is only offered with a diesel engine option currently. Hector is offered as a 5 seater as well as a 3 row 6 seater. Harrier petrol as well as its 6/7 seater version (called Gravitas) are due for launch next year. These new launches are likely to give Tata enough boost to overtake MG Hector in sales.

Tata Motors has seen a jump in popularity with its cars having received an impressive safety score in Global NCAP crash tests. While no safety crash test has been done for the Tata Harrier, it has still managed to gain buyer confidence in terms of safety and built quality.

Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass

Lower down the order were the Mahindra XUV500 and Jeep Compass, both of which failed to surpass the 1,000 unit mark. XUV500 sales dipped 9.07 percent in November 2020 with 892 units sold as against 981 units sold in Nov 19. MoM sales also suffered de-growth with Oct 20 sales at 1,009 units while market share increased from 11.34 percent to 12.34 percent MoM. The company is all set to introduce the second gen XUV500 in the coming year with several updates.

Sales of the Jeep Compass increased 10.03 percent to 702 units in the past month as compared to 638 units sold in Nov 19 allowing for a 9.71 percent market share. MoM sales dipped 15.63 percent as 832 units of Jeep Compass were sold in Oct 20. There is also a 2021 Jeep Compass in the making. It was recently showcased at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China, with launch in India expected sometime in early next year.

These four SUVs saw total YoY sales of 7,230 units, up 28.65 percent as against 5,620 units sold in November 2019 while MoM sales dipped 8.06 percent as sales had stood at 7,864 units in October 2020.

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