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MG Motor 2023 Sales Growth – 8,839 Units More

New MG Gloster
New MG Gloster

MG Motor 2023 sales growth Triumph: Unwrapping 56,902 Units Sold in FY 2023

MG Motor India’s annual sales for the fiscal year 2023 have surpassed expectations to reach an impressive 56,902 units. Demonstrating an exceptional 18.39 percent growth compared to the previous year. FY23 sales is up 8,839-units from 48,063 units sold in 2022. This milestone marks the fourth consecutive year of growth for MG. And continues to solidify its position as a key player in the Indian automotive industry.

Power Duo: MG ZS and Comet’s 20,000-Unit Success Story

In December 2023, MG reported robust sales, with 4,400 units sold. Reflecting a significant 12.85 percent increase compared to December 2022. And equates to 501 units more sold year-on-year. The positive momentum continued from November 2023. With 5.92 percent month-on-month increase, sales was up by 246 units from 4,154 units.

MG Motor 2023 Sales Growth
MG Motor 2023 Sales Growth

MG’s success is further emphasized by its notable presence in the electric vehicle (EV) segment. EV models contributed to 25 percent of the total sales, making MG the second-largest EV seller in India. MG ZS and MG Comet, as flagship models, have garnered exceptional responses from the market. This accounts for approximately 20,000 units sold to date.

MG December Dynamo: 13 percent YoY growth

Growth rate in retail sales for December 2023 is a remarkable 13 percent year-on-year increase, aligning with broader industry trends. This positive performance underlines MG’s sustained and robust presence in the market. Comparing December 2023 to the same month in the previous year, where MG reported sales of 3,899 units, the figure of 4,400 units in December 2023 brings to a close a tidy year of progress.

MG Motor 2023 sales growth: Sustained Growth

Steady and notable growth reinforces MG Motor India’s position as a prominent new player in the automotive industry. As the industry continues to evolve, MG Motor India’s sales figures and positive market responses position the company as a pioneering force. The staggering success in FY 2023 solidifies MG’s status as an outstanding and formidable player, contributing significantly to the overall growth and development perspective the company has planned.

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