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MG Hector cabin sanitization video – Company to sanitize police vehicles for free

MG Hector Sanitization
MG Hector Sanitization

The sanitization process will be conducted till the end of this month at all of the company’s service stations across the country

Automakers in India have turned their attention away from production and sales and towards helping the Government of India in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. MG Motor India is no exception.

Earlier this month, the company a converted the Hector SUV into an ambulance, fitting it with auto-loading stretcher and oxygen system with a cylinder along with a medical cabinet with 5 parameter monitor, medical equipment and lighting besides a top light bar with siren and amplifier. This ambulance was given to health authorities in Vadodara. The process of conversion, which was done at the company’s Halol Plant, took around 10 days for which MG Motors partnered with Ahmedabad-based Natraj Motor Body Builders.

Now, once again the company has come forth to help the Government of India through this severe pandemic. MG Motor India has already started to sanitize around 4,000 police vehicles at all of its service stations across the country. Video below shows how a car’s cabin is sanitized at a MG Motor India dealership / service center.

MG Hector Sanitization Process

These vehicles will be fumigated, washed and cabin thoroughly cleaned with sanitization of all high touch points both in the interior and exterior. This sanitization process will be conducted free of charge and commenced from 4th May 2020. The disinfection process will ensure that all car surfaces are clear of micro organisms thus rendering it completely safe for use by the police personnel.

MG Motor has also stated that this sanitization process which will be conducted at all service centers in the country will be done to all vehicles belonging to the Police Department, irrespective of their brand. For this, the company has partnered with car detailing agencies such as 3M and Wuerth.

Each of the company’s service centers will work along with the local police to ensure that these front line workers who are undergoing such risks in battling the virus are supported in this endeavor. The complete sanitization of cars at service centers will continue till the end of May.

Apart from sanitization of police vehicles, MG Motor is also sanitizing each car prior to delivery. The company follows and ‘Disinfect and Deliver’ policy and for this has signed up with Medklinn, a Singapore based sanitization specialist, using natural sterilization of cabin and exterior surfaces of the cars.

In the meantime, MG Motor India has reported zero sales for the month of April 2020. In compliance with Government orders, all production facilities were closed and dealerships also downed shutters. However, after Government directives, the automaker commenced operations and manufacturing on a much smaller scale at Halol in the last week of April.

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