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MG Motor India Launches Affordable Ventilator Challenge

Ventilators have become one of the most-sought after commodity in the times of coronavirus pandemic

This is because it is crucial to saving lives of seriously ill Covid-19 patients. As coronavirus cases continue to rise, nations across the globe are in the race to build or procure the required number of ventilators. The situation is the same in India where ventilators are in short supply. To find the right solution, MG Motor has launched the Affordable Ventilator Challenge.

As per the challenge organized under MG Developer Program & Grant, the company is looking for cost-effective ventilators. Another key requirement is that the ventilator’s design should be such that it can be manufactured quickly. This is because coronavirus cases are increasing at a fast pace and there’s very little time to contain it. Things are expected to get worse when the 21-day lockdown period ends.

MG Motor India Affordable Ventilator Challenge

MG Motor’s Affordable Ventilator Challenge is open to any individual or entity that can come up with a viable design for an affordable and quick-to-produce ventilator. The entries for the contest should have detailed information and not just a theoretical idea. Entries should have the proposed design of the ventilator, stages of development, approximate cost of production, estimated time to produce and launch in market, and a working prototype.

The entries submitted will be evaluated by a team of medical experts, post which the winner will be declared. The winning entry will be subject to testing, feasibility and necessary approvals. The winner will receive a grant of Rs 10 lakh from MG Motor India. To ensure that the idea is transformed into a working product, MG Motor will provide production support at its manufacturing facility in Halol. With this approach, the product can reach markets within weeks.

Why there is Ventilator Shortage?

MG Motor came up with the Affordable Ventilator Challenge idea, as it realized that ventilators are in short supply and existing ones are too costly to be mass produced. Moreover, existing ventilators have a complex design, which could take a long time to manufacture in large numbers. While experts are already working to develop cost-effective ventilators, MG Motor’s challenge has unlocked that opportunity for everyone. Now more brains will be working to design an affordable ventilator, something that increases the probability of finding the right solution.

As time is of the essence in the fight against coronavirus pandemic, participants get only around two weeks to submit their entries. The last date for submitting entries to MG Motor’s Affordable Ventilator Challenge is April 15. Proposals will be evaluated and shortlisted from April 16-20 and the winner will be announced on April 21. If you have a bright idea, go ahead! It could potentially save lives.

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