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MG ZS Electric Retail Sales Cross 1,000 – New Battery Recycle Tie Up Announced

MG ZS Electric SUV
MG ZS Electric SUV

Following a partnership, TES-AMM will recycle MG ZS EV batteries responsibly

MG ZS EV was launched in India in early-2020. To date, the company has reported retail sales at over 1,000 units. This makes it the second best selling UV in the segment, after Nexon EV – which has reported sales over 2,200 units till date.

MG eZS goes from 0 to 100 kmph in 8.5 seconds. The smart car can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in about 50 minutes. With rather little available in the name of electric cars in India, MG Motor India began operations in India fairly recently, and is building an integrated EV ecosystem.

This is necessary if the company is to sell electric cars and nurture EV adoption, and minimise total ecological impact of EVs. As time progresses, and the Indian electric vehicle market matures, one can expect more government involvement in facilitating end to end solution that are necessary if the EV industry is to grow. MG Motor India has a partnership with Umicore for safe and secure battery disposal. The TES-AMM tie-up is the fourth such association here for the automaker.

MG Motor India and TES-AMM partnership

With Electric vehicles being presented as the future of mobility, it’s essential that sustainable practices are introduced at the onset. This, or the world will be left with a whole lot of equipment that may not be disposed responsibly. An issue that’s even more rampant and plaguing in poorer countries where focus on any sort of recycling is low, leave alone batteries.

MG Motor India has announced its association with TES-AMM India for responsible recycling of EV batteries. Building EV infra here is a multifaceted one where development is required as an end-to-end solution. With the transition to green mobility being a focus area, EV adaption is being presented as the next big mobility move.

The partnership with TES-AMM, a global e-waste recycling and end-to-end service provider ensures environmentally-sustainable and secure recycling of MG ZS EV batteries. For customers choosing an electric vehicle, there’s a certain predilection to care for the environment. Knowing how a battery is disposed is a big part of the thought process. Now, ZS EV owners on India can track their ecological footprint in this aspect too.

TES-AMM Li-ion battery recycling

TES-AMM is the only Asian entity that operates a Li-ion battery recycling plant. It’s one of a handful of companies certified in multiple management systems including 18001:2007/R2 (Responsible Recycling), among other related processes. The company employed a unique mechanical-hydrometallurgical process for asset recovery that’s environmentally superior and safer.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India said, “At MG, we are on a mission to develop a comprehensive EV ecosystem that supports India’s drive towards its greener and cleaner future. We strongly believe that battery management is a critical area that needs focus. Our partnership with TES-AMM builds along these lines and ensures that batteries not only re-enter the value chain, but are also recycled while following the most eco-friendly protocols. We believe it will go a long way in India’s sustainable e-mobility future.”

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