Michael Schumacher 2012 Formula One season with Mercedes until now: Lucky number 7 not so lucky yet

Michael Schumacher’s performance in the past few matches is definitely lacking. Call it bad luck or call it what you will but Schumacher has definitely seen better days. Sunday’s events too proved to be nothing but bad luck for the racer who was once in top form but has been climbing steadily down the ladder of success. In car No.7, Schumacher was not feeling too optimistic even at the start of the Canadian GP at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve even though he said that he liked the number and had a good feeling.

The number 7 did not prove to be lucky on a number of counts. Besides being the number of his car, it was also the 7th race on the calendar. While Schumacher has won here seven times and is the seven time champion, it must be remembered that the last time he won on this circuit was way back in 2004.

Schumacher was forced to abandon Sunday’s events in lap 45 due to problems experienced in rear flap of his Mercedes Drag Reduction System which stayed in open position throughout. Schumacher had found himself in a similar position in April while qualifying in Bahrain wherein he finished 10th. Prior to that in China pit crew did not secure his front wheel sufficiently causing a disaster while in Australia earlier this year he had to step out due to gearbox failure.

Though Team Principal Ross Brawn apologized for the technical failure and what Schumacher had to contend with, the ace racer took it in the right spirit and felt that though his car is always in the line of fire it was good that the team’s second car took some points. Nico Rosberg in the other Mercedes finished the race in sixth place giving him 8 points for a total of 67 making him finish fifth in the championship.