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Michael Schumacher could work with Mercedes F1 in a non driver’s role

Michael Schumacher did well on his retirement day earning points which saw his return to the top ten. The star endured bad luck since his performance in the Italian Grand prix earlier this September. A veteran of 305 races, 7 world titles and 91 race victories, Michael Schumacher went on to take seventh position in the last race of the race.

Team boss Ross Brawn was happy with Schumacher’s performance and said that this race showed that the driver was still at his best. Sebastian Vettel went on to take first place during this race which was his third in a row.
This last race of Schumi’s was plagued with trouble at the start when his car suffered from a punctured tyre, however, making full use of the mid race safety car period he was able to pull into the top ten securing a seventh place finish in the last race of his career.

Schumacher’s departure from the team comes at a point when Mercedes is looking to build up it’s team for the future. His spot will be filled by Lewis Hamilton from McLaren who as being signed on for the next three years.
Though his second spell in the Formula 1 circuit wasn’t very great, Michael Schumacher sure did go out with a bang yet again. Fans can look forward to the possibility that Michael Schumacher could work with Mercedes in a non driver’s role


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